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Modern fashion handbags are significant attributes of a modern woman’s closet. Today, increasingly prevalent are products of fashion brands that are of high quality, stylish, and perfectly complement both every day and evening outfits. Most pleasing to true connoisseurs of style and fashion are the best brands of women’s handbags with the name of world significance and the history of the importance of the label itself. It should be functional and hold the necessary items: wallet, credit cards, and smartphone. However, for work, to carry documents, you need a much more voluminous model.

There are a lot of world-famous brands.


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Women’s modern fashion handbags from Louis Vuitton release exceptional luxury and have long been associated with wealth.

Louis Vuitton’s branded lines of bags and suitcases are particularly masterful.

French bags and accessories with the Louis Vuitton label are of the highest quality, have an elegant presentation, and have a fantastic sense of style for contemporary fashion trends. From the beginning, the brand used only the finest waterproof materials on its fashionable way to the heights of success, and genuine leather had to be in perfect condition for producing handbags and suitcases. Models of fashion handbags and accessories cost so much because of the unsurpassed quality and status of the product. The highest price for a bag of this brand was $55,000.


prada - Modern fashion handbags brands

Prada bags are a premium Italian brand founded in 1913 in Milan.

The brand’s products have some advantages and differ from the analogs of other brands.

It is an object of desire because this fashion house is the leader among all fashion houses, whichever produces bags. Here “Prada” gives a smell of sunny Italy, success, and impeccability. It is a matter of pride for any celebrity, girl, or woman. These bags are for those who do not want to look luxurious.

From year to year, Prada’s fashion designers perfected their skills, and as a result, they got real masterpieces that gained worldwide fame and recognition. Some of the modern fashion handbags’ models became bestsellers, and the company is one of the best brands.


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A French brand with charm. It is always recognizable, desirable and full of unique charm by Chanel. Some models of women’s handbags by Chanel demonstrate how business style, fashion trends, and laconic design can be combined. And they also combine fresh ideas and classic elegance, making them popular among adult women and young girls.

Coco Chanel argued that quality-made pieces would never go out of fashion. It is such a coveted classic that every lady loves.


fashionable chloe purse - Modern fashion handbags brands

It’s a brand that deserves particular attention and has a classic gold standard. The first CHLOE bag for women quickly gained popularity among society ladies. This brand’s bag has some advantages. High-quality material, unique design, original decoration, convenience, and practicality make these items stylish and attractive. A bag made by CHLOE is not only an elegant accessory, but it can also complement the general style of the hostess and emphasize her individuality.


furla bags - Modern fashion handbags brands

FURLA is a world-famous brand that is incredibly popular among today’s fashionistas. Furla is an undeniable classic, which is in fashion and trends. Models are always presented in the brand’s collection in different colors, sizes, and materials, but they never change the Arco clasp.

It also combines modern geometry and sophistication. It’s modern fashion handbags made of leather of the highest quality with a unique style are always on-trend and very sophisticated in every detail.


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The brand appeared in 1959. Handbags of this fashion house are favorites among celebrities, models, and actors. The label’s distinctive feature is the rich shades of red and black and white contrasts.

Therefore, this brand can be easily called a model of elegance and femininity. Each model is thought out very carefully and remains relevant for several seasons in a row. Valentino modern fashion handbags are less famous than dresses, but they still are trendy.


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According to Parisian women, a bag can raise a woman’s self-esteem and fulfill her desire to be attractive and feminine. French bags are very often made of reptile leather. Models of this and any other brand are not a cheap pleasure, but it is worth it. Hermes is one of the oldest iconic handbag brands in the fashion industry.


Lady Dior bag is the embodiment of the exceptional sophistication traditions of the Dior brand, and each thing is very carefully thought out in the smallest detail. Lady Dior leather bags captivate the market and have become a hallmark of status. In any form, whether classic or with prints, Lady Dior is a symbol of the supreme elegance of Dior. Christian Dior has been synonymous with good taste for more than half a century. The most popular considered saddle-shaped handbags.

Dior shows leather and suede handbags decorated with monograms or fringes.


Givenchy handbags are a highlight to complete any image and an accessory that allows you to emphasize its owner’s unique style. Today the Givenchy brand is still relevant. It differs by the refined forms of models and elegant materials.

Givenchy bag has an original texture, aristocratic notes, femininity, and laconic design.


This luxury brand was founded back in 1925 in Rome. In the beginning, the Fendi brand specialized in leather goods and fur. In 1997 a Fendi Baguette bag came into existence, which became the legend of the Fendi house. This model had a stunning furor and became a real cult object, hunted by collectors. The bags are made of specially treated, very soft leather.


Marc Jacobs is a well-known American brand. The company first appeared in 1986 in the USA and produced a collection of women’s clothes exclusively. These are very luxurious bags, watches, shoes, and various accessories. The Marc Jacobs brand is intelligent, high fashion, producing stylish handbags and accessories to fulfill any girl’s dreams.

Jacobs remains loyal to this style, even today


Gucci bags are a dream of many girls. Gucci is considered one of the world’s most famous, prestigious, and quickly recognized fashion brands. The models are so versatile that a young girl and a grown-up woman can wear them. Also, everyone can choose the model that suits her character, style, and image.


The brand appeared in 1981 and dealt with clothes, shoes, and accessories, which many representatives of beautiful women and celebrities enjoy.

It is a well-known brand of American origin represented by its fantastic assortment of handbags and targets potential and regular customers.

The bags are expensive as they are made from costly materials; however, they are worth every penny. The company is well ahead of all previous brands on the list regarding volume and sales. Handbags of this brand, according to a survey in 2015, were the most fashionable trend among teenage girls. Michael Kors bags are characterized by authentic design and hard-wearing materials, so you can be sure that this product will serve you faithfully for many years.


Style and elegance are what the famous French brand Celine bags combine. They have taken the world by storm. Many celebrities regularly go out with a Celine bag.

The bags are famous for being made from the soft pony and reptile leather and using other durable materials such as suede.

Even if the external model looks a bit textured and rough, the material will still be supple and delicate. The most coveted models are CELINE PHANTOM AND CELINE LUGGAGE.


The American brand Tommy Hilfiger was founded in 1985. The brand embodies the main features of stylish American classics in casual style.

The distinctive feature of these brand bags is a print in the form of branded stripes, as well as three colors – blue, red, and white, which are present on almost every model.

People can easily recognize the famous logo and signature color. The brand’s bestsellers are bags with scarves wrapped around the handles and sports backpacks.

JACQUEMUS modern fashion handbags

Unusual bags by French brand Jacquemus are one of the most desired accessories by fashionistas worldwide. Among the most iconic models are the Le Sac Chiquito compact bags with an oval handle, the Le Petit clutch in the form of a trapeze, and the Le Sac Praia bag in the form of a bucket. Jacquemus handbags are made of leather and raffia in different rainbow colors.


The American company Coach is known for its various accessories. The history of this brand began in 1941. Designer Bonnie Cashin opened a workshop in Manhattan, sewing leather bags. The author’s first collection consisted of handmade bags, and there were 12 of them. High-quality materials used in the production, original design, own name for each bag model, and the richness of handmade interior and exterior trim with insert brand logos.

Today’s Coach collections include crossbody, clutch, business, and children’s handbags. Roomy models for everyday use are the most popular, and you can buy an inexpensive bag for $90-100.


Burberry is a British fashion brand that produces clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories. It is the Burberry brand. It shows what fashion looks like. People have always looked for it among other equally famous brands. It is because of the gorgeous fabrics and exquisite tailoring.


Donna Karan New York (DKNY) is a famous American brand that appeared in 1984 and was a real revolution in the fashion industry.

DKNY bags are roomy but elegant and sophisticated at the same time. The universal design allows you to wear the same bag with different clothes and look stylish and modern. DYNK designers have created a large number of branded handbags.


modern fashion handbags

Bottega Veneta (Bottega Veneta) is an Italian leader in producing leather bags in terms of quality materials, work, and exquisite design. Bottega Veneta (Bottega Veneta) uses only the best leather and handmade to create handbags. It is an ultra-luxury brand preferred by stylish, refined, and aristocratic people. They are not embarrassed by the price of several thousand dollars and the absence of conspicuous logos on this bag. Thanks to the imagination of the designers, people recognize it by its unusual weave, shape, color, and material.

The design is timeless elegance. The suitcase bag made a sensation in 2005. It was released in 25 pieces, and demand exceeded supply in the first days of sales. Bottega Veneta also produces leather bags, belts, and wallets that complement any fashionable closet.

Collectible brand modern fashion handbags have become more popular than artistic creations and classic cars.

Women worldwide constantly use bags, the essential element of any image. Many brands are ready to offer women’s bags for every taste, color, and purse. However, some brands not only stand for quality but also show the status of their owner.

Gold, diamonds, and crocodile leather are often used to attract the attention of such buyers.

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