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Let’s talk about casual style for girl here. The word “casual”, meaning “casual”, “careless”, “occasional”, is also known in the fashion world. Clothing that allows you to look simple and stylish has gained popularity among people of all ages. The outfit is suitable for everyday use, regardless of the type of activity; study, work, outing. The key value of this look is comfort. Being tired of the strict fashion rules and classic combinations, fashionistas and fashionable women began to mix styles.

But a casual closet can hardly be called sloppy ones. The attractiveness of the image is not about wearing the first available clothing. Here there is neatness and individuality. Despite the mixture of outfits and simplicity, the casual style allows you to add bright accents and details to the clothes. Clothes can be regular and branded. Some accessories do not fit into this style; for example, rhinestones and ruffles.

There are many young girls among the fans of the casual style. It is not surprising. Comfort, freedom of movement and practicality became an integral part of their busy everyday life. Turning away from the boring image, where there was always a suit and shoes or jeans and sneakers, now we can forget about these rules. The modern girl dresses unobtrusively, but she stays spectacular and attractive. Whether she’s at school or work, or in her free time.

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History of Casual Styles.

Having moved away from the economic crisis of the 50s in Britain, young people had a different attitude to their closet. Being economically independent, they allowed themselves to wear high-quality clothes. Although they had not yet achieved high-paying jobs and success, the look of a successful gentleman was obligatory to show. In the ‘60s, this trend continued. The suits became fitted, ties were narrow, and shoes were always polished. For example, one of the brightest representatives who were fans of this style were the musicians of The Beatles. In the mid-70s, a group of fans of one of the soccer teams emerged. They were so fans and supporters of the players that they tried to support them in everyday life. Thus, maximum comfort clothes, jeans, sneakers, T-shirts, became a new trend in fashion called “casuals”.

Over time, moving around Europe, fans, not only on this team, bought branded, but comfortable outfits to wear. First it was for wearing to the games, then clothes for vacations and picnics, and finally for everyday use in cities and metropolitan areas. This is how fashion moved from sports to the runway, and the most popular new style of clothing “casual” appeared all over the world.

The principal features of casual style

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– Clothing is loose and simple. It can be multi-layered, with soft lines and a modern cut.

– Natural fabrics: wool, cotton, chiffon, tweed, knitwear and others.

– The outer closet is monochrome, which allows it to be used in any look.

– Jeans are the foundation of the style. If pants, then they should be straight, wide and flared.

-Color is dominated by calm warm tones in moderate quantities. For example: beige, milky.

– Accessories are discreet, but it is also possible to insert bright details: a simple and practical bag, clutch, jewelry in the form of costume jewelry, and a hat. Jewelry is inappropriate to wear here.

– Shoes are practical: shoes, loafers, boots, sneakers and running shoes. There may be a wedge or a heel. If the shoes have a heel, it is comfortable and stable.

How can we combine elements according to the style?

Fashion changes, like everything in our world. Although the casual style has been around for a long time, today’s fashionable girls follow the changes according to the season. Considering that this outfit is for everyday wear, various combinations are allowed. It can be a loose cut dress with a shirt, or heeled sandals with pants, a jacket with a T-shirt and sports shoes. The key thing to remember is that someone should feel well about the look, with moderate details and not to look flamboyant at the same time.

So, this style, the main purpose of which is to provide comfort to fashionistas, is divided into several types. According to the field of activity and employment of young girls, there are business casual, smart casual, sport casual, street casual, casual chic.

For girls working in an office without strict rules of dress, who are tired of business suits, a business casual look would be ideal. High pants, trapeze skirts or pencil skirts with jackets and shirts are well combined. It is possible to vary the closet elements, though. Choose a turtleneck or a blouse instead of a shirt and replace the jacket with a cardigan or a coat. Some people prefer a knitted sweater. Someone prefers pants to jeans; which can be combined with a shirt or sweater. Clothes made of natural fine fabrics, linen or silk will do for hot weather. The color palette is not limited. The main thing is to remember that the things should not be dazzling and colorful, it would be better to wear solid colors. Neat drawings or ornaments are allowed in the outfit. It is impossible to imagine an office closet without heels and shoes. It is worth remembering that shoes should be comfortable, with no garish ornaments.

Choosing the casual style, the young girl wins a lot. This image will help her look always confident, feminine and not to blend in with other workers. 

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Very many women love the smart casual style. Many women like a business look because this style gives elegance with an unobtrusive carelessness. A harmonious combination of classic outfit details with things from everyday life makes it popular among girls and women of all ages. There are no restrictions to combining T-shirts, shirts, suits, vests, jackets, voluminous scarves and jeans, T-shirts and pants with classic shoes. As for outer clothing, you can buy a jacket – bomber, knitted sweatshirt, coat, cardigan. Jeans could be torn or cropped, in classic colors such as blue, dark blue, black, and white. We can complement the closet with accessories: watches, glasses, clutch, handbags, belts, costume jewelry. Shoes with heels or without them will do well.

Smart casual style is appropriate for an urban, busy life. With classic and business closet items, a young girl looks spectacular in any situation.

Sports clothes are more practical for everyday use. If a girl prefers to look like that, but not to seem boring, but attractive, it is worth paying attention to sporting casual style. This is a combination of sports things with regular closet elements. These are t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, free cut pants, leggings, shorts and breeches, short skirts. A T-shirt with a picture, company or favorite sports team inscription looks good in combination with trendy jeans and sneakers. A small fashionable backpack will complement a sweatshirt and sneakers. You can vary the look with clothes made of denim, not only pants and shorts, but also dresses or sundresses. Outerwear can be represented by leather jackets, sports jackets, vests and hooded sweatshirts.

It is important to remember that while the casual style sports for active people; it is not appropriate for working out. Young people whose lives are in constant motion wear clothes so that nothing would prevent them from enjoying every day. Although the outfit looks loose, it should not be baggy, larger than necessary.

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Street casual style is the most common fashion style for girl. Keeping the comfort in the image, but filling it with elegance and sophistication, fashionistas can choose from a vast range of its components. The main slogan of this trend is to create your own unique look, to show off your taste in style and to stay at the peak of fashion. Modern urban streets are full of young people, whose image knows no boundaries. Everyone may choose and wear what suits them. Comfort and individuality at the same time are important in the choice of attire. Using everything except the classic and formal details, jeans and bright pants are combined with sweaters, straight cut shirts, t-shirts with prints. We can complement our appearance with a jacket or coat. Street style is peculiar to use accessories that serve as a contrast to the clothes. They should be bright, catchy and large. For example, they can be striped or plaid gaiters, large, colorful scarves, knitted hats, scarves with an unusual knot and shoes with drawings. Unusual makeup is welcome.

In short, street casual style for girl is a style without rules.

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Combining luxury and comfort, you can get another trend of casual chic. Italian fashion designers, sensitive to everything expensive and beautiful, tried to create a comfortable and casual style. They combined what would seem impossible. For a young girl wishing to be on trend, but not to be constrained by her outfit, this is the best closet option for all kinds of events, parties and meetings, if they are unofficial. First, clothes made of expensive fabrics, but with simple cut clothes, create the look of luxury. Expensive accessories and shoes, preferably with heels, can complement your image.

Fashionistas wearing chic casual styles always look attractive and luxurious.

The general rules of creating an individual casual style for girl.

A positive point of this style is to make any girl look great. Thanks to details, with their proper selection, we can create an individual and unique look.

To avoid making a mistake in the choice, beginners of the Casual style should start with the key element of the closet: jeans. Match the other parts of the outfit to the jeans. Choosing a style of jeans, consider the individual features of your figure, as well as your preferences.

The cut of the pants should not emphasize the deficiencies of obese people. Tight outfits make the figure thicker. Loose clothes like jeans, as well as sweaters, cardigans and other clothes will be suitable to wear.

You can wear warm sweatshirts and knitted pullovers made of natural fabrics in winter casual style. Combining them with jeans, the image remains fashionable and yet practical.

Moms with small children should feel comfortable in the daily hustle and bustle. Therefore, jeans with t-shirts and sweaters, low shoes are the best solution.

Fashionistas who want to dress in a casual style image should pay attention to some details.

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 – The buttons on the shirt are not buttoned all the way up.

– Use a string instead of a belt for a dress or sweater.

– One of the clothing elements should stand out, as if it is put on casually. For example, wear a casual sweater and pants with a club jacket, or casual clothes with bright sneakers.

– Remember about multi-layered clothing. Combine several outfit items during cooler seasons. Wear a dress with a knitted cardigan and a short jacket. It is also possible to wear pants made of thick dark-colored material with a light silk vest and a large scarf.

– Shoes can be chosen according to the season.

– Handbags are commonly single-colored. They should be capacious and simple. A shopper, tote, or sack bag would be good to wear.

– Backpack is an essential accessory for modern active girls. A duet with sneakers keeps a sense of comfort in the everyday routine. If you replace the backpack with a clutch and sneakers with shoes, then it is a great outfit for visiting a café or for a date.

– Handkerchiefs and scarves are decorations of casual style. We use them depending on the season. Shawls can also serve as a belt.

– Wear costume jewelry to complete your image. Layered or intertwined jewelry with natural stones combined with leather and glass is allowed.

– The makeup is discrete and natural. You can highlight your eyes or lips a little more for a date.

– The hair should look loose and natural. It is not worth making complicated hairstyles or styling. You can gather straight or curly hair in a bundle and leave the lower hair untouched. Ponytails and plaits look good with the casual outfit.

So, putting the image together, focusing on all the details, a modern young girl creates her own style. Thanks to this, her closet helps to differ from others. It adorns the look of a fashionista, emphasizes the advantages, and provides comfort and confidence.

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