Handbag etiquette and essential rules.

handbag etiquette scaled e1605180450911 900x280 - Handbag etiquette and essential rules.

A woman’s bag is an essential accessory of any female image. The variety of shapes, sizes, and models of handbags allows fashionistas to experiment with their looks, complementing it with stylish accents. Every woman should master the basics of handbag etiquette because it is impossible to create a fashionable and harmonious image without them. Types of handbags to experiment. A […]

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How to choose accessories for clothes.

how to choose accessoreis for clothes

Properly selected detail of your look can unrecognizably change the appearance of a person. With the right approach and knowledge of how to choose accessories for clothes, it is possible to correct the figure successfully, to get beautiful harmonious color combinations, to feel your impeccable style. In this article, we will tell you what it means as a clothing accessory, […]

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