How can i dress more stylish?

how can i dress more stylish

How can i dress more stylish? The ability to dress stylishly is not always creating a large wardrobe of stylish and expensive clothes. For women, first of all, it is a sense of harmony and common sense and the possibility to declare themselves to the world and show their confidence. Trying to follow images from the covers of fashion magazines is a mistake because, in the pursuit of fashion trends, you can lose not only your style but also your inner world. A person needs to rely more on inner satisfaction.

It is essential to understand the type of person you are: a jolly and friendly or a reserved person, a homebody, or an avid traveler and fidget. Moreover, it is crucial to understand that it is impossible to keep the same clothing style during your whole life. This is because not only does the figure change with age, but also your worldview. For example, suppose at age 20 you want to experiment, searching for yourself constantly, then after the third decade, you do not. In that case, all of this is replaced by the responsibility and importance of yourself as an individual.

There are several tips, following which you can look stylish and be confident at the same time.

1. Wear comfortable clothes

how can i learn to dress more stylish - How can i dress more stylish?

It is necessary to reject clothes in which you feel uncomfortable and choose a more comfortable option.
You will hardly feel stylish in uncomfortable clothes. Clothing must be a comfortable continuity of the image. It would help if you did not choose dresses of bright colors unless you like to be in the spotlight. You should give up narrow pants and skirts if it is incredibly uncomfortable to wear them. Created someone else’s image, striving to imitate a particular style is enormously striking to the eyes of passersby. In this case, the feeling of a stylish woman will be intangible; and this will further undermine her self-confidence.
When choosing clothes, you should walk around and evaluate the comfort and freedom of movement. Then, looking in the mirror, you should answer yourself the question of whether this clothing will be worn with pleasure or not; if there is the slightest doubt, you should refuse to buy it.

2. Choose clothing according to your body type

how to wear stylish clothes - How can i dress more stylish?

Before choosing outfits, you should learn to select your closet based on your body type. First, it is essential to analyze your body type judiciously, identifying its advantages and disadvantages since even the most beautiful figures have their flaws. Only after that you will be able to choose an outfit that will highlight beauty and at the same time hide imperfections.
To determine your body shape correctly, you should use a measuring tape to measure all the parameters:
– waist size;
– bust volume;
– hips volume;
– Shoulder width.
Having measured all the necessary parameters, you need to compare the width of shoulders and hips to determine your body type:
(a) the width of the shoulders and hips are the same – hourglass;
b) wider hips – pear shape;
c) bigger shoulders – triangle.
Thus, it will provide a possibility to highlight the body parts that need to be emphasized or hidden, excluding options fit-and-flare or clothing shapelessly hanging on the body.

3. Don’t go to extremes

No difference if women are young or older, they begin to think about what is acceptable at their age. Some believe that they can do everything, to wear tight and short clothes. However, considering their age is not the best option for experimentation, others wear everything baggy, including floor-length skirts with knitted jackets. In this case, it is necessary to know the sense of proportion, and considering the age, not to imitate the adolescent style or to wrap up in bulky hoodies.

4. Choosing the right color

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Many stylists advise paying attention to color when choosing clothes in the store. Color is the first thing that catches the eye; only then attention is given to style. However, a wide variety of colors makes it very difficult to choose, especially if you are preparing for an event or something like that. To determine the color in this case, the nature of the event you visit will help. It would be best if you also focused on colors closer to the skin’s natural tone.

There are four types of appearance:
Winter – white skin and black hair color. This color type includes cold shades: silver, white, burgundy, dark gray, light gray, purple, blue, pink;
– Spring – a light skin tone with a light golden hue, possibly freckles. Here it is appropriate to talk about auburn colors, light orange shades, yellow, warm green, bright pink;
– Summer – pale skin color with a slight blush. Recommended colors: silver, whitish, almond, wood-green, dark gray, light gray, purple, and pink shades;
– Autumn – matte leather. The most suitable colors: brown, reddish, chocolate, coral, apricot, yellow, and warm green shades.

5. Experiment

how to look stylish girl - How can i dress more stylish?

Once you’ve identified the style and color, it’s time to choose an essential closet. However, you should carefully sort out your clothes before going to the store. You should not keep the things until “I’ll lose weight” and “when I’ll choose a suitable kit,” but you should get rid of them all to make room for new items. You can observe the clothing style of contemporary bloggers, those who are closer to your style, and, of course, your figure. There is no need to rush to buy, and you can look closely and try it on. You can start the experiment with the jacket selection; then, you can quickly learn how to choose dresses skirts and create stylish outfits.

You don’t have to be afraid to be brave and discard your shyness. You can’t do without experimenting when choosing a style. You can change hairstyles’ color, combine boldly at first glance incompatible things, wear clothing that previously you did not have the determination to wear. Even if it is a negative experience; anyway, it will add a touch to the creation of your style.

Some people wrongly think that it is possible not to follow fashion and still always look stylish. However, this is far from the truth. If a woman dresses out of style, it can spoil her image, even if classic clothes are chosen. Keep in mind that the classics also change over time.

It is necessary to follow specific rules to have fashionable clothes in your wardrobe:

– Carefully choose ” your” fashion trends. Consider choosing only those novelties that are close to your figure, color type, age, lifestyle, and appearance;
– Be able to choose the essentials. Such clothes as skirts, jeans, shirts, and dresses have their value at any time of the year. The colors, length, width of the items, and the outlines of these clothes change. Combination options are also mainly changed;
– Do not aspire to throw out old clothes and buy new fashionable ones. The main thing is to learn how to combine items, and it is not necessary if they are from fashion designers. Sometimes it is enough to carefully select your things and combine them with new, affordable items. The pleasant thing may be the fact that stuff from past years is very relevant in the new season;
– Choose at least one thing that characterizes your personality and individuality. Perhaps it will be a bag, jewelry, shoes, or clothes;
– Do not mix everything in one image. It is not necessarily trying to combine all fashionable colors and patterns trends. It is enough to create a set around one stylish article because some looks would be impossible to combine despite your desire.

7. Determine your style

To determine your style and answer the question of how can i dress more stylish, you need to look within yourself and understand what image you will be comfortable with, and feel more confident and natural. Also, it would be best if you took into account age, appearance and profession.

The best approach for teachers and office workers is business or classic style, expressed in restraint, brevity, and high quality. The traditional style was like that many years ago and would remain so for decades to come; it is timeless and fashionable. The color palette is characterized by soft colors such as black, beige, gray, and dark blue.

Casual Style

The casual style, also sometimes called the American style, is characterized by comfort, convenience, softness, and flexibility. It is the most popular style, which is perfect for everyday life. Many fashionable women prefer to wear jeans, shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts in daily life, combining them with sneakers, comfortable ballet shoes, and comfortable footwear. The colors are gray, blue, black, the so-called relaxed range.

Romantic Style

For young girls, a romantic style is perfectly suitable, expressed in delicate dresses with floral prints, lace in pastel colors, complemented by a small handbag, and a straw hat. This style is characterized by modesty and coquetry without deep necklines.

Sporty Style

The sporty style is perfect for active people who love constant motion and adventure. Do not confuse this style with clothing for sports. It just includes some sports elements. This comfortable and convenient apparel style provides for T-shirts, sweatshirts, and baggy pants. You can complement the image with a cap, backpack, sneakers, and running shoes. In this case, it is recommended to avoid jewelry, preference for sports watches.

Boho Style

Boho is a style of free-spirited and creative people. Natural fabrics, long and loose clothing in dresses and skirts, lace inserts are typical for this style. Complete your look with the selected oversized sunglasses, hat, and boots of cowboy style. No sexuality and excessive accouterment are allowed.

Lovers of simplicity and self-confident people often choose minimalism. It is characterized by tranquil colors: black, white, gray, and beige. Naturally, the quality of clothing has a dominant role here, so it should be of the highest quality. That is why all the attention is paid to the woman herself; she should have neat hair and makeup.

Lingerie Style

Bold, self-confident girls of athletic build prefer the lingerie style. And this style is relatively young, and it has conquered the sympathy of most fashionistas. Such clothes are similar to lingerie, mainly silk, lace, thin straps, and deep decollete.

Retro Style

Creative individuals, connoisseurs of femininity tend to retro style, characterized by shirts tucked into a high-waisted skirt, wool fabrics, all that was fashionable many years ago. This style, as well as many other styles, does not tolerate frankness and boldness. To complement the style, you can add black arrows on the eyes and the scarlet lips.

8. Stylish hairstyle and makeup

A woman can be beautifully dressed, but tasteless makeup and bad untidy hair can ruin the entire image. The makeup should correspond to the time and place. If you have brightly colored eyes, you can only accentuate them with a colorless lipstick or vice versa; if your lips are red, then no unambiguous arrows or colorful shadows are needed. Hair emphasizes the face, so you need to be especially careful with your hairstyle. You can experiment and choose the hairstyle that adorns and complements your lifestyle and style.

9. Choose your shoes wisely

So when choosing shoes, it is advisable to select a classic model in neutral colors, which never go out of fashion. So you can not only look stylish but also save money. In addition, the shoes should be not only trendy but also comfortable. It’s not always the heels are very decorative, especially if women do not know how to wear them. The main emphasis should be on shoes, as they are an essential detail of the style.

Correctly chosen shoes will complement any outfit, accentuate the business suit and dress, and the figure will create a perfect impression. On the contrary, improperly selected shoes can spoil the most correctly chosen variant, its proportions will be distorted, and the outfit’s harmony will undoubtedly worsen.

10. Smile

Love life, enjoy life, and smile as often as possible when considering “how can i dress more stylish”. A smile improves a woman more than clothes, shoes, and makeup because it can complement and emphasize any appearance.

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