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How to dress simple but stylish? Many girls think that they can dress beautifully and fashionably only if they have a lot of money. Yes! Stylists also help them! However, it is possible to create a great clothing closet even if you have an average income. Moreover, not always a lot of money means that you look stylish. Wealthy ladies can afford spontaneous purchases inspired by fleeting impulses. As a result, their closet is full of mismatched, sometimes too extravagant clothes.

Ordinary city women should not chase trends. It is unnecessary. Magazines and television channels are full of news about fashion trends, giving advice. However, such tips often do not fit the average middle-aged woman. If you want to know how to dress simple and stylish enough, just stick to some simple recommendations that you need to make a habit of it.

Where to start?

First, throw out old, torn, stitched, faded things. No regrets. You must respect and love yourself and your body. It is also worth getting rid of large and small clothes. There should be no “what if I lose weight” or “for the home will do.”

Base. What items should be in every girl’s closet?

dressing simple but classy - How to dress simple but stylish

Every woman has probably heard this term. However, many women, for some reason, mistakenly believe that it is suitable for stylists and those who resort to their services. This is not the case at all. It is a very useful thing: it is a set of basic, versatile items that perfectly match each other and create different looks with different combinations. You can use each item several times in different looks. It saves time and money. Moreover, it is comfortable and practical as well.

As mentioned above, a basic closet should be universal. This also applies to its palette. You should not buy basic things that are too bright.

The ideal colors would be:

– white/black;

– beige;

– the color of wet asphalt;

– brown;

– coffee.

Basic items in your closet should be the most expensive and of high quality (within reasonable limits and according to your budget, of course). Such a recommendation is explained very simply: you will wear the basic set for more than a year or two. Therefore, in the matter of how to dress simple but stylish, your outfit must have:

– Perfect seams;

– High-quality fabric;

– Laconic cut;

– A lining of natural fabric (you shouldn’t sweat in synthetic fabric);

– no accessories on the glue.

What should you include in your base?

how to dress simple but cute - How to dress simple but stylish


Classic, high-quality, comfortable pants that are suitable for all types of figures. You can combine them with almost anything. Pants will always be trendy, look graceful, and must be present in your base!


Jeans are also good in any combination. You can use a classic model without holes, rhinestones, patches, or extra pockets for a base. They are fashionable at all times. You can wear them both to the office and to go have fun, just by changing the top of the outfit and shoes. Jeans are perfectly combined with shoes, sneakers, and boots of any style. Remember, it is better to have a pair of jeans, but expensive, quality ones. Your figure will be appreciated if you wear them!


Cardigans make a good combination with all items from your basic closet. They are ideal for romantic walks as well as for business meetings. Women always look elegant and stylish wearing them. They are essential to be in the closet and the image as a whole.

Sheath dress.

It is a must-have both for the office and for a celebration. It should fit perfectly over the figure. Chubby girls can wear a free-cut dress. The dress should be black. First, it is universal and you can combine images easier and – secondly, everyone knows that black clothes make you look slimmer.


Dark blue, black, or cream.

Each girl should have such an elegant closet item if she wants to know how to dress simple but stylish. A win-win variant at all times. It is recommended to choose it carefully, relying on your figure type. Now the market presents a very wide range of choices, and one of the variables will undoubtedly catch the heart of the girls, even with a super complex figure. All the suit elements must be sewn from the same fabric.


A classic cut, preferably – to the knee, with a high waist. It slims down and makes a spectacular and stylish image.


Just like a dress, it is a versatile option. It all depends on what you will combine it with. An irreplaceable element of the base, it goes beyond competition: you can create many different images with it. We recommend having two pieces for a change.

Keep an eye on the collar and cuffs; they must be perfectly ironed and clean!


This is what we call “no comment.

Elements of the base, of course, will vary slightly depending on the time of year.

Proper shopping. Rules on how to dress simple but stylish

how to be stylish and fashionable e1670541168850 - How to dress simple but stylish

1. Do not buy unnecessary things, and do not buy them spontaneously. You must give yourself time to think everything over if you wish to know how to dress simple but stylish.

2. Do not buy clothes that are too tight or too loose.

Such clothing will be snagged or bubbled. Its owner will not feel comfortable, and her attention will be constantly switched to something to correct, to pull up, to straighten. Ease and looseness are out of the question. There is a great risk of looking ridiculous.

3. You should think about combining the items you buy with your existing closet. Everything must fit together.

Everything must fit perfectly

4.            Buy clothes that match your type of appearance.

5.            Buy clothes according to your age.

6.            Avoid sequins, rhinestones, pins, locks, etc.

7.            Be careful with the lettering (translate foreign), clothing should not shout about the “brand” by the patch. This looks like a student shyly cheap and tasteless.

8.            Buying two new things, throw out one old thing (it can be underwear, stockings, or a worn-out shirt).

9.            Don’t buy too revealing outfits.

10.          Do not buy cheap accessories and jewelry.

11.          Remember: plaid jeans, velvet clothes, the absence of one strap on the top, and a bare belly button are things that do not suit everyone.

12. Many clothes do not mean a wide range of combinations.

13.          Choose clothes according to your age.

14.          You don’t always have to buy something on sale.

15.          Buy only shoes you can walk gracefully without breaking your gait.

16.          Forget about clothes with ruffles (if it is not a blouse).

17.          Accentuate all seasonal items.

18.          Finally, remember: clothes should bring pleasure!

Combine correctly

simple but stylish outfits - How to dress simple but stylish

Experiment with colors. The combination of different shades will noticeably refresh the image and emphasize individuality. You can find a color wheel on the Internet that shows the compatibility of colors with each other.

2. Combine styles gently, without fanaticism.

Nowadays, it is fashionable and relevant. A classic dress with a cardigan or a combination with a leather jacket would create different images.

3.            You can diversify the fashionable image with accessories. It is unnecessary to buy a dress or tunic according to the latest fashions. It is enough to buy a cool accessory that is currently trendy.

Choose clothes according to your body type

women body types - How to dress simple but stylish

The things that suit one woman will look absurd on the other. This is due to the figure type. If you want to look perfect, you must be able to emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of the figure with the help of clothes.

Generally, stylists distinguish five types of figures:

The inverted triangle

It is characterized by narrow hips, broad shoulders, and full arms.


Wear cardigans, jackets, and jackets with an overstated shoulder line. In addition, dresses with an inflated waist, flared skirts, and miniskirts would suit well. You can wear pants and jeans in bright colors, embroidery and drawings on them are acceptable. However, the top should be chosen simply in light or dark colors. Do not accentuate the clothes on your chest when thinking how to dress simple but stylish.


Equal size hips and breasts characterize this type of figure. The waist, as a rule, is not noticeable.


Wear pants, jeans, and skirts with both low-rise and high-waisted lines. Loose sweaters and pullovers would also look good. Dresses with a straight cut would be ideal. You should not wear things with a deep neckline, miniskirts, and fitted models of clothing.


It is a very feminine body type. It is characterized by wide hips and a narrow upper body. In this case, wide collars, deep necklines, and models with an overstated shoulder line would be the ideal solution. You can safely choose the top of the clothes in juicy, bright colors. Skirts and pants with a high fit would be perfect. Stretchy things as well as things with a too-free cut are not recommended.

Both baggy and too-tight clothes do not suit the figure.


This figure is considered one of the most problematic shapes. The waist is hardly visible, the body volume throughout the figure is about the same, and the chest and back are large.


Clothes with a triangular neckline, straight dresses, and skirt models. Do not buy clothing with a voluminous pattern and too tight, and also avoid overly spacious outfits. Fit models, as well as flared skirts and dresses, are not good.

It’s something you don’t flaunt.

I mean the bra. This is a necessary element of the closet. It directly affects the image as a whole. It should be as comfortable as possible, without drooping straps, and must hold your breasts well. Cups must be chosen by size: both too big and too small will be easy to see through clothes. The rear part (where the clasp is) must not sag and “crawl” up and leave traces on your skin. It is best to choose a bra made of natural materials.


women accessories - How to dress simple but stylish

Shoes and bags

Let us start with shoes and a bag as the fundamental accessory elements in the closet. The tradition of matching shoes with a bag is long gone. Today, it is not necessary at all. Of course, they should be in the same style, but no more than that. It is easy to cope with this task. The height of the heel should be chosen based on personal feelings and the habitual rhythm of life.

It is best to have several bags. At least, for different seasons. In addition, a small clutch for walks and/or celebrations.


It is not necessary to choose a leather one. You can find great quality models of other materials on the market. The main thing is that it should harmoniously fit the outfit and its style.


Large-size jewelry that attracts the eye will be suitable for lush-breasted women. In this case, large rings will look good only on thin, long fingers. It is also worth remembering that brightly colored jewelry suits only simple, even strict, monochrome clothing.

Slim girls like long, “elongated” jewelry.

Otherwise, the rule of jewelry is the same: the main thing is that it must be combined with your image as a whole.

Mini guide for prints

– Vertical lines stretch the figure. It is better to choose a small strip, that looks effective and is more expensive;

– Horizontal lines downplay the growth and are visually flattering. Therefore, they are more suitable for petite girls. Judging by the type of shape, horizontal stripes are most suitable for women with a type of triangle shape;

– The goose-foot is suitable for almost everyone. It is ideal for business style;

– The checkerboard is fat. Therefore, it is suitable only for slender girls;

– Polka dots suit a soft, romantic look. Large peas are more suitable for fuller women;

– Flowers are also fat, but not all. Therefore, bulky women with this print should be more careful.

– Animalistic (coloring of animals) should be appropriate and not too shout to look;

– Abstraction is universal. There are so many variations that every girl can choose.

Some friendly advice

1. Learn from the people you like.

Do not hesitate to take an example from those whom you admire. Of course, you should not dress alike. However, you can look for interesting solutions.

2. Be concise.

Singling out one part of the body, take all the attention away from the other.

3. Now you know how to dress simple but stylish. Just love yourself!

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