How to dress stylish woman and look spectacular

how to dress stylish woman

Following fashion canons and current trends blindly will never help you look stylish, know how to dress stylish woman and attractive. Not everyone goes with the models that are shown on the catwalks. It is unnecessary to buy clothes from expensive status brands. One component of the stylish look is self-confidence and your attractiveness. So you need to wear comfortable clothes that fit your figure perfectly, match the color and the age of the person and the occasion. Here are some simple recommendations on how to dress stylish woman of any age.

10 General tips how to dress stylish woman

Keep a sense of proportion in dressing

It’s unnecessary to chase fashion trends. You need to know them and take them into account when creating your wardrobe. Fashion comes and goes, but style remains. It is necessary to find harmony and not to go to extremes. It is better to use elegant silhouettes, classic styles, supplementing them with unusual decorations, interesting fabrics and accessories as a base.

Choose comfort

It is important that the clothes you wear are comfortable. It should not interfere with your daily activities. If clothes constrict the body and prevent movement, a person can’t feel confident, and it will reflect this in his/her appearance. Clothing and shoes should fit perfectly.

Possible combinations

It is necessary to listen to your intuition. Almost every woman knows what combinations suit her. But it is also necessary to be guided by some rules of style. A win-win situation is the emphasis on a particular area. If the dress or blouse has voluminous sleeves, then you should abandon the fancy hairstyle or voluminous skirt. A short dress is usually combined with tight pantyhose. Young fashionistas can wear stockings of bright colors, but women over 40 are better to choose quiet colors. If you choose a bright clothing ensemble, then the shoes should be neutral without bright decorations.

Emphasize the advantages

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The ability to hide flaws and stress the advantages will help to show your non-standard figure in the best way. It is necessary to find a balance, hiding problem areas and emphasizing advantages.

Take care of your clothes

You need to be neat and well-groomed to look stylish. Shabby appearance, lint, scuffs, unpleasant smell will not add attractiveness to your image. You must store your clothes properly. We recommend you to adhere to the rules of care which the manufacturer showed on the label.

Use a belt

Even a small, carelessly tied belt can change your image beyond recognition. Straps, belts can help you correct the right accents, emphasize the advantages, and bring a specific mood.

Wear clothing made of new fabrics

Don’t worry about wearing clothes made of new, unusual fabrics. The combination of a classic cut with ultramodern fabrics can be a significant find for a stylish wardrobe. But you need to monitor the quality. You can also use synthetic fabrics, as long as they look good, and you feel comfortable wearing them. Nowadays, even famous brands use inexpensive fabrics that fully imitate the originals.

Stick to your own style

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It is unnecessary to chase trends and try to embody them in your wardrobe. You’d better pay attention to the combinations that help to present your figure in the best possible way, and stick to them by complementing the clothing ensemble with new accessories, unusual mixes and fabrics.

Use a minimum of accessories

Choose accessories with caution and restraint. There may be a lot of jewelry, handbags, hats in your wardrobe, but this does not mean that you need to wear them all at once. It is better to opt for elegant and sophisticated items. However, you can also get a couple of unusual items, which can revive the image.

Choose the right color and print

The choice of color is fundamental for creating a stylish wardrobe. Focus on your color type. Remember that each color has a large variety of shades. Also, every age group also has its own color combinations. At 20, you can wear bright clothes with unusual prints and patterns. But for women over 30 and 40, it is worth giving preference to calm, saturated colors, emphasizing elegance.

How to dress stylish woman in your 20s

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When a girl is only 20 years old, she is free to experiment and look for her own style. You can try various styles, mix them and search for your own unique version. Some simple recommendations will help determine how to dress stylish woman in her 20s.

First, you need to start with the base. Your closet should have several articles on which your image should be based. It does not mean that these items will be enough, but they will form a base on which you can experiment and find your own style.

1. Neutral, white t-shirt.

This closet item will help you create a variety of looks. You can combine a white T-shirt with jeans or classic pants. You can use it to create an exciting casual look to go out with friends, or dress up for school or work. It can be a polo model, but it is better to have a classic version with a V-shaped or oval neckline.

2. Classic casual shirt

It is good to have at least two options for a shirt. The classic one-color model is excellent for formal events, and a plaid or floral patterned shirt looks good in a casual style.

3. Jeans

We recommend jeans with a classic cut as a basic. They go well with different clothes and accessories. Of course, a girl in her 20s can have different options: from boyfriend jeans to skinnies.

4. Skirt

Denim mini-skirts will be indispensable in a girl’s wardrobe. But it is worth considering buying a bell skirt made of good fabric, which will help to create more serious images if necessary.

5. Dress

A couple of dresses will be enough to have options for formal events and everyday wear. You can wear A-silhouette dress to school or work, and a shirt dress can already be used in informal settings.

6. Cool down jacket or trench coat

At 20, you should not choose sheepskin coats or fur coats as outerwear, especially the classic cut. It is better to make a choice in favor of fashionable down jackets, jackets with an unusual cut made of innovative fabrics.

7. Shoes

As a base, it is better to get classic sneakers and high-heeled loafers. Both shoes allow you to get a variety of options and combinations.

A girl in her 20s should not worry about experimenting, to supplement the base with interesting things with an unusual cut and prints. Bring images to life with bright accessories.

How to dress stylish woman in her 30s

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A woman truly comes into blossom at this age. She is smart and beautiful, and the crazy experiments of youth are behind. The following tips will help you understand how to dress stylishly for a woman in her 30s.

Style and elegance should be a priority at this age. Some basic must-haves will help you form the right closet.

1. White blouse

A classic white blouse is a basic option for creating a variety of looks. It can be combined with a suit, pants, jeans, a skirt, and a sundress. It can be a business look for the office or a casual one for walking with a child or girlfriends. Of course, there should be options of other colors as well. It is necessary to avoid garish prints and too bright colors. It is better to choose calm blue, green, pink colors.

2. Suit

A good trouser suit made from quality fabric and an actual cut will be the basis of your wardrobe. It should sit perfectly on the figure, hiding its flaws and emphasize the advantages. If the figure makes it possible, you can choose a model with a shortened fitted jacket. Owners of full hips should pay attention to elongated jackets.

3. Jacket and cardigan

An elegant jacket or cardigan is necessary for cool weather. You can wear it when you do not want to put on a suit. The correctly chosen cut and fabric allows you to combine it both with a pencil skirt and jeans.

4. Jeans

Jeans should be a classic model without shine, patterns, scuffs, holes, massive rivets. Such jeans will allow you to combine them with a variety of clothes and wear them in different situations. For walks and outdoor activities, it is better to get another jeans which would be more comfortable.

5. Dress

Here, you should also stick to the classics when choosing dresses. A calm, but noble color, not necessarily black or gray. The dress should be elegant and comfortable to wear or loose enough.

6. Skirt

Knee-length skirt is a classic, which is always relevant. Too short a model would look vulgar and inappropriate, but a long skirt may visually add some extra years.

7. Shoes

The pumps with a medium strong heel can go well with many looks. Flats or jackboots are perfect for informal settings.

8. Lingerie

Lingerie is an obligatory base without which it is impossible to create an elegant look. Underwear should emphasize the figure and hide its flaws. We recommend selecting elegant lace underwear.

9. Accessories

You should not have a lot of them, but it is better to have a purse and jewelry of a quality status brand.

How to dress stylish woman at 40

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The issue of how to dress a stylish woman in her 40s is very relevant. Some women try with all their might to look younger, so they wear provocative clothing. Others believe that youth is over, and choose gray, unsightly clothes that add a few more years to their existing age. Learn how to present your new attractiveness. Some simple tips can help you be elegant.

Change your clothes

You must review and rearrange your clothes. You need to get rid of all the old, shabby, lost its appeal clothes. Shapeless hoodies, enormous shopping bags, stretched, worn-out things, clothing made of cheap synthetic fabrics should be thrown in the trash.

Color scheme

Everyone knows that light colors help refresh the image. Women aged 40 years should begin to adhere to this rule. Of course, you need to be guided by your color type and choose appropriate colors. But it is possible to take a thing one tone lighter. It does not mean that it is necessary to refuse black, blue, and brown. You can use them in unusual color combinations to create accents with the help of deep shades.

We recommend using prints, but in moderate amounts. It is better to refuse garish drawings in favor of abstraction and geometry. It is better to opt for monochrome, calm colors. But rhinestones, glitter, and prints should be discarded.

Take care of yourself.

Many people forget that self-care is a major component of a stylish look. You must make cosmetic procedures, monitor your manicure, and the hair condition.


Comfort has an important part in this age. This does not mean that you need to select shapeless shoes or boots. Shoes should be attractive, and have an elegant look, but you can choose a small steady heel or a flat sole.

Combination of beauty and comfort

The clothes should be comfortable, so a person feels more relaxed. But you can’t put comfort in the first place. The image should keep elegance and attractiveness. It is necessary to pick a harmonious combination. There should be straight cut jeans, a dress A-silhouette, the presence of a heel, but stable and low.

Determine Your Length

Above all, it’s a midi. You only need to find the right length. The length to the middle of the knee will suit tall and slender women. Plump ladies should consider the option where the edge is 5 cm below the knee.

Stuff to help you look stylish:

1- a good, quality coat in a light shade;

2- a light skirt for summer, dark blue or brown for the cold season;

3- straight pants;

4- a blouse of natural shade: lavender, plum, raspberry;

5- an elegant dress for going out;

6- collection of quality accessories.

Availability of basic items in your closet, which correspond to the age and figure type, allows you to create a variety of images that are suitable for different situations. Self-confidence and awareness of your personal attractiveness are the basis of an individual style.

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